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Our History

My name is Alison Betts and I have been involved with animals all my life. As a child I had dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and goldfish (not all at the same time!).
I discovered the joys of being owned by a cat sixteen years ago, when I was given a tiny black and white kitten we named Domino, since then my husband and I have been hooked.
We quickly realised that just having the one cat around the house was not enough for us, so Rosie was adopted by us from the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home. Of course, if having two cats was working well, why not get another two? Over the years we have had the pleasure of having eleven cats altogether, somerescued, others inherited, and at the moment we have four cats and a Jack Russell Terrier (who thinks he is a cat!).

I have been running CatSitters for eleven years and I am located in Musselburgh. My service areas are Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Prestonpans, Cockenzie & Port Seton, Longniddry, Dalkeith, Bonnyrigg and Loanhead.

CatSitters is fully insured and registered with the National Association of Registered Petsitters.


Our Code Of Ethics

  1. We will treat every pet as if it is our own
  2. Our dependability is of the utmost importance
  3. Honesty & trustworthiness are expected by our clients
  4. Our clients’ homes and property will be respected & protected to the best of our ability
  5. We will always keep our promises and fulfill our commitments